Five Reasons You Can’t Focus

Five Reasons You Can’t Focus

If you’re not listening when your friends tell you a story, spending more time on Reddit than actually working when “working” from home, passing your exit on the highway, nodding off in meetings, missing deadlines or forgetting why you’re reading this sentence – you’re probably unfocused. And why can’t you focus? You better Google it instead of doing whatever it is you need to do today. Distractions like the internet are only a small part of why you’re unable to focus like you want. Things like lifestyle choices and work habits also impact your ability to stay sharp, focused and energized.

But there’s hope for the distracted and unfocused! You can make simple, small changes to improve your focus today, and incorporate healthier habits into your daily routine to remain mentally sharp for the future. These are the top five reasons why you can’t focus…and how to fix them.

Distracted Daily

There’s an app for everything and every app has notifications that pop up on your phone several times a day. Your phone is just one of the many distractions stopping you from focusing on even the simplest of tasks. How can you expect to complete an assignment when your focus is being pulled in infinite directions every 30 seconds? The truth is: you can’t. A shocking 99% of people report being distracted at work on a daily basis. We can only assume the other 1% are lying because the office is a minefield of distractions just waiting to blow up your concentration. Between coworker chatter, printers beeping, constant emails, meetings and so much more, it’s amazing you get anything done as is. And if you’re working from home, the list of distractions is endless.

How do you fix it? Simple – distance yourself from the distractions. Turn off notifications on your phone, close your email, get rid of all those extra web page tabs open in your browser and stop drifting over to Facebook whenever you get bored. Politely tell those around you, on the job or at home, that you need time to focus on a task and let them know when it’s a good time to talk to you. Get a white noise machine or app to help block out noises you can’t control. And look into a health and wellness supplement to help improve your focus. Focus Well Gummies from Forever Well are formulated with key ingredients to help increase focus, raise energy, stabilize your mood and enhance your cognitive function. Plus, they taste great.

Look at Your Lifestyle

The way you live your life could have a huge impact on your ability to focus. First, are you sleeping enough? Lack of sleep can result in a lapse of focus that can make it difficult to receive, retain and process information. Second, lack of exercise can not only make the body lazy but make the mind lazy as well. In fact, it’s believed that a healthy exercise routine can help improve memory and benefit cognitive abilities. Finally, excessive alcohol consumption can destroy your ability to focus. Obviously, it’s harder to focus while you’re drinking, but prolonged periods of drinking too much can cause permanent damage to one’s brain and ability to focus even when not consuming alcohol.

The fix here is change. Try to get more quality sleep. Sleep helps give the neurons in your brain a chance to recharge after working all day, and it has several other health benefits for your entire body. Get more exercise. You don’t have to go crazy and run a marathon every day, but get some exercise as often as possible. And watch the alcohol. This one is obvious, but drinking too much can lead to way more problems than memory loss and lack of focus. Responsible moderation is key in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Doing too Much at Once

We all like to think of ourselves as professional multitaskers capable of accomplishing several goals at once with expert precision across the board. But that isn’t the case. One reason you might not be able to focus on one project is because you’re really trying to do three or four projects at once. And instead of getting them all done at the same time and done correctly, you’re more likely to get them all done late and executed poorly. Plus, you’ll put a lot of strain on your mental health to do so. Multitasking simply doesn’t work. And the best way to focus on something is to focus on one thing.

While a supplement like Focus Well Gummies can help improve your cognitive function with increased focus and greater energy, it works even better when tackling one task at a time instead of many.

Where are You?

In the philosophical sense, where are you? Are you here in this moment reading this blog? Or are you already thinking about making tomorrow’s dinner? Are you eating lunch while trying to read? Are you regretting all the times you didn’t get enough sleep? You need to be more mindful. Practicing mindfulness is a way to help improve your focus. Mindfulness can mean a lot of things, but for our purposes it means taking a step back from whatever it is you’re struggling to focus on, closing your eyes, taking some deep breaths, relaxing for a few minutes and then being present in the moment and focused on the here and now. Our minds are incredible machines that can process a lot of data and work at insane speeds. But if we don’t take multiple breaks throughout the day to relax and reset our minds, they can run themselves into the ground and lose focus. Practicing mindfulness allows you to assess your workload, assignments, goals, to-do list or whatever, and determine where best to start in order to complete it all. Mindfulness can help you stay laser focused on what matters right now without worrying about what’s next or what already happened.

You Need a Boost

Why can’t you focus? Because you’re missing something. That little something that makes it all click. That competitive edge. The secret in the secret sauce. The magic that makes dreams come true. Whatever you call it, we all have that little something that boosts our focus. For some it’s a cup of coffee. For others it’s a late-afternoon treat like cookies or candy. We recommend Focus Well Gummies from Forever Well. Sweet enough to be a treat, powerful enough to give the energy you need to succeed, and all without the excess calories or crash later. Enhance your brain’s performance with key ingredients like taurine and ginseng for focus; vitamins B12, B6, B3 and B2 for energy; L-Theanine to help you feel relaxed and vitamin C to support a healthy immune system. Try Focus Well Gummies and be forever well.


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