Five Signs You Have a Weak Immune System

Five Signs You Have a Weak Immune System

A strong immune system is the foundation of any health and wellness routine. After all, it won’t matter how much you exercise or count calories if you don’t have a good immune system to stave off illness and infection. Building and maintaining a strong, healthy immune system is more important now than ever before. However, how do you know if your immune system is up to the task?

Today, nearly half of American families are taking some kind of immunity-supporting supplement. While that should be good news to many, the unfortunate truth is not all supplements are created equal. Loose regulations and limited accountability result in an over-saturated marketplace of trendy new supplements with untested ingredients and formulations. That’s why we encourage everyone to do their own research and find a reputable brand of immunity-supporting supplements like Immune Well Gummies from Forever Well™. Formulated and created in a state-of-the-art, 100,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Tampa, Florida, these vegan gummies offer premium ingredients like elderberry extract, vitamins C and D, echinacea and zinc. All Forever Well Gummies are lab tested in-house and by third-party labs to ensure purity and quality standards. Immune Well Gummies are formulated to help support a healthy immune system and promote overall health and wellness in adults and children. But, how do you know if your immune system needs a boost?

Sick of Getting Sick

If you’re getting frequent and recurring sinus and ear infections, then it’s possible your immune system is in jeopardy. It’s believed that having more than four ear infections in one year, suffering from sinusitis more than three times a year and needing more than two courses of antibiotics a year is a sign of a weakened immune system.

While Immune Well Gummies can help support your immune system, they work better when used as part of a daily health and wellness regimen. Part of that daily regimen should be a nutritious and balanced diet. The vitamins and minerals we get from food are essential to maintaining a strong immune system. It’s pretty simple: if you eat healthy things, you’ll be healthier, and if you eat less healthy foods, you’ll be less healthy. So, stay away from foods and drinks with high sugar and sodium content, watch your fat intake and find healthy recipes online to make eating well as fun as it is beneficial.

Digestive Dilemmas

It may shock you to learn that 70% of our immune system is located in our digestive tract. The bacteria and microorganisms in your digestive tract defend your gut from infection and provide overall support to your entire immune system. That’s why chronic diarrhea, gas or constipation could be signs of a weakened or compromised immune system.

A healthy and balanced diet is going to be key to reducing the frequency of digestive problems. Eating foods high in fiber and drinking plenty of water will help relieve constipation and stabilize digestion. However, if problems persist, seek medical help to identify any serious issues involving your digestive health.

Colds Aren’t Cool

Similar to getting too many sinus and ear infections, catching two or three colds a year can be a sign of a weaker-than-average immune system. While most people bounce back from a cold in about a week or so, those with weaker immune systems will take even longer to get back to 100%.

Catching a cold is no fun. But there are ways you can prevent even getting sick in the first place. Washing your hands regularly can significantly decrease the chances of you catching or spreading most viruses. But, if you’re getting sick and still washing your hands on a consistent basis, improving your immune system will help tremendously. Living a healthier lifestyle can support a strong immune system. Things like quitting smoking or maintaining a healthy weight will not only strengthen immune health but can also improve your overall wellness. 

Sick With Stress

A high stress level doesn’t just raise your blood pressure and put undue strain on your heart, but it can weaken your immune system. Studies show that stress can decrease the body’s white blood cells that help fight off infection. The lower your white blood cell count, the more you risk catching a virus like the common cold.

An excellent way to reduce stress is to get regular exercise every day (or as consistently as possible). Even a light walk after dinner can do wonders to help you unwind at the end of a long and stressful day. For added immune support, check out the premium ingredients of delicious, mixed-berry-flavored Immune Well Gummies.

Sick and Tired

If you’re feeling sluggish, tired and worn out more than you should, it could be a sign of a weaker immune system. When your body struggles to maintain your immune system at a healthy level, it will try to conserve energy to do so and in turn make you feel more tired and groggy due to lower energy levels.

The obvious solution here is getting more quality sleep. While our Immune Well Gummies can help you support a healthy immune system, Forever Well Sleep Well Gummies can also help you get a better night’s sleep for even more immune-system-supporting power!

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