Seven Ways to Support Your Immune Health

Seven Ways to Support Your Immune Health

Are you doing everything possible to support a healthy and strong immune system? A strong immune system is the beginning of any serious health and wellness routine. All those hours spent in the gym and watching what you eat won’t mean much if you’re getting sick all the time. While there are a few obvious things you can do to help prevent getting sick – washing your hands and routine doctor visits – there’s much more you can do as part of a wellness regimen to help support your immune health.

A strong immune system means your body is able to prevent and fight infections, viruses and general illness to the best of its abilities. Of course, we’re all bound to get sick, but a strong immune system helps us bounce back faster. While one of the easiest routes to improving your immune health could be immune-supporting supplements like Immune Well Gummies from Forever Well, there are many other ways to help you feel your best. Here are seven ways to support your immune health:

Diet Defense

One of the best ways to build up and maintain a strong, healthy immune system is through a balanced and nutrient-rich diet. Proper nutrition and immunity go hand in hand, and a poor diet lacking in one or more nutrients can actually impair the production and effectiveness of immune cells and antibodies. That’s why eating enough nutrients is an essential part of any diet and is mandatory for those looking to significantly improve the health and function of all their cells, including their immune cells.

Immune System and Sleep

One of the best things you can do for your overall health and wellness is get enough quality sleep to recharge your body and mind every day. Sleep is a key component to any worthwhile wellness routine. That’s because, when you sleep, your body’s immune system releases proteins called cytokines. Sometimes when you have an infection or inflammation, certain cytokines need to increase. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you may not be able to produce enough cytokines to protect against or fight these infections. Also, when you’re sleep deprived, your levels of antibodies and immune cells are reduced – significantly weakening your immune system.

But getting “more” sleep isn’t enough. You need “better” sleep. For help getting a great night’s sleep, try Sleep Well Gummies from Forever Well formulated with melatonin and other beneficial ingredients to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Exercise Daily…or as Often as Possible

More exercise is never a bad idea. And when it comes to your overall health and wellness, exercising regularly can help improve your health in a number of different ways. In terms of immune health, there are several theories on how exercise supports a strong immune system. More physical activity could push bacteria out of the lungs, possibly reducing the chance of getting a cold, flu or other illness. Exercise may help circulate antibodies and white blood cells throughout the body faster so that they might detect and attack illness earlier. The brief rise in body temperature that occurs during exercise could prevent bacteria from growing as well as help the body fight infection better. Finally, exercise can help reduce stress – which leads us to our next tip.

Stress Makes you Sick

Not to stress you out…but stress weakens the immune system. That’s because when you’re overly stressed from work, family or just everyday life, your body has less white blood cells. You need white blood cells to fight off infection, and a low level of them can put you at risk for viruses like the common cold. Exercise, even a light walk, is a great way to relieve stress and improve your immune health. Another great form of exercise for reducing stress is yoga.

Immune Well Gummies

Immune Well Gummies from Forever Well are formulated with premium ingredients like elderberry extract, vitamins C and D, echinacea and zinc. These delicious, mixed-berry-flavored, vegan gummies can help support a stronger immune system and promote your overall health and wellness. Try them today to be Forever Well.

Watch Your Weight

We know, you’re trying. It can be a struggle, but maintaining a healthy weight can provide tremendous benefits to your immune system. Recent data has shown that obesity decreases immunity and can lead to an increased risk of bacterial and viral infections. But don’t worry. Several studies have shown an increase in immune responsiveness after weight loss. So, if you’re packing a few extra pounds, you can still improve your immune system by losing weight. Plus, eating better and exercising more to lose weight will help you support your immune system even more!

Sick of Smoking

We hope this isn’t news to anyone, but SMOKING IS BAD FOR YOU! And it’s not just bad for your lungs, teeth, breath and almost everything else, but it’s also bad for your immune system. Smoking harms the immune system and therefore can make it harder for your body to fight off illnesses. That’s why one of the best things you can do today to help your immune system is QUIT SMOKING! Your body and everyone else around you will thank you.

Whatever you do to support a healthy immune system, we hope you’ll consider Immune Well Gummies from Forever Well. These delicious gummies are formulated to help you live the happy, healthy and active lifestyle you desire. Explore all our gummies today and be Forever Well.


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