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Living Forever Well™ starts with our collection of wellness gummies. We’ve formulated unique gummy varieties with ingredients that are backed by science to help provide a happier and healthier lifestyle.  All our wellness gummies are made in-house at our FDA-approved facility using current Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure consistency, quality and safety. Each gummy features a delicious flavor profile, so you can look forward to enhancing your health and wellness every day.

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Wellness Gummies FAQ

What are wellness gummies?

The Forever Well line of great-tasting gummies features daily supplements you can take to enhance your well-being and boost your body’s natural ability to stay healthy. Our wellness gummies are available in a number of different formulations, and each gummy variety contains a beneficial blend of natural ingredients, vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

How often should I take wellness gummies?

You can seamlessly add all Forever Well gummies to your everyday routine. Our gummies are expertly formulated with beneficial ingredients and a delicious flavor profile. Whether it’s getting a better night’s sleep, feeling more energized during the day or boosting your immune health, Forever Well has a gummy variety that you can take daily to improve your wellness and feel your best.

How many wellness gummies should I eat?

You can find how many wellness gummies you should eat on the back of every Forever Well bag or bottle. Our gummies have recommended serving sizes ranging from 1-3 gummies per day as part of a daily regimen.

Where can I buy Forever Well wellness gummies?

Our gummies can be purchased online or at select stores nationwide.

What do wellness gummies do?

Forever Well gummies feature unique formulations to assist your everyday routine from sunup to sundown. Here’s what each of our wellness gummies does:

  • Cleanse Well– Support healthier digestion with chlorophyll, ginger extract, black pepper extract and milk thistle extract.
  • Energy Well – Elevate your energy and reduce oxidative stress with apple cider vinegar and vitamin B12.
  • Focus Well – Enhance alertness and mental clarity with AlphaSize®, SerinAid® and ginseng.
  • Glow Well – Hydrolyzed collagen and biotin help you look and feel your best, naturally.
  • Heart Well – Reinforce cardiovascular health and keep your body moving forward with Omega-3s from flaxseed oil and SeaBerry®.
  • Immune Well – Improve your immune systems with elderberry, echinacea and zinc.
  • Relax Well – Take the stress out of everyday life with ashwagandha, passion flower, chamomile extract and lavender extract. 
  • Sleep Well – Get a night of more restful sleep and wake up with more energy thanks to melatonin, chamomile and lemon balm.

What are gummies for wellness made from?

The line of wellness gummies from Forever Well is crafted by our in-house team of expert formulators and nutritionists to deliver exceptional quality and taste. Our gummies do not contain any artificial colors or flavors and are nut, soy, dairy and gluten free.

Do wellness gummies expire?

Yes, over time, the active ingredients in our wellness gummies become less potent. Our gummy supplements are labeled on the back of the bottle and bag with their correct expiration date.

How long do wellness gummies last?

The active ingredients in our wellness gummies have a tested stability shelf life of about two years from the manufacturing date.


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